All About us!

My Rox Shop was born out of Covid-19 lockdown, 1st May 2020 as a pop up shop at the end of my driveway once a week! After investing 11 years or hard graft being self-employed and building a family business, Lockdown left us with no business and we were devastated but every cloud.....

Roxy had also dreamed to one day indulge her personal interest and have a little "hippie" shop when the children had flown the nest and she needed something to fill her time more. Nothing shakes life up more than a pandemic and we had to diversify!

As a child Roxy had always been drawn to these kind of hippy shops full of colourful crystals treasures and troves, started her path in wellbeing many moons ago through Buddhist meditation when she was 20 then 3 years ago she started her journey into Reiki. In these last few years Roxy started to indulge herself into more holistic and healing work as personal interest and development. Reiki, Spirit Medium Development, crystal healing and reflexology were the main pathway nobbies. In 2019 Roxy also qualified in Baby Massage, Toddler and Preschool Yoga.

Fast forward to March 2020 when The world was hit by a unforseen pandemic and the whole of the uk went into Lockdown. This situation caused our company of 11 years to disappear overnight. From this Roxy turned her attention to what's important in life, what really matters and doing what makes you happy!

Roxy now spends her days passionate about hand picking products and stock for her customers. Each Piece is lovelying selected by hand, Cleaned, cleansed and reiki charged, each piece is cared for with highest respect. Each piece chosen and cared for personally means that each piece of My Rox Shop is a piece of Roxy she shares with each customer.